Sabra Statham

Sabra Statham, the ADE Liaison Coordinator passed away on March 20, 2015. Sabra had many colleagues in diverse fields: music performance, music history, documentary editing, and libraries. There is a formal obituary that ran in the State College Centre Daily Times and the Charlottesville Daily Progress: Dan Cohen of […]

New (Revised) NHPRC Grant Programs

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission has approved new (revised) grant programs; see Of particular interest to documentary editors is the grant category for Publishing Historical Records in Documentary Editions: The Association for Documentary Editing appreciates the hard work and cooperative spirit of the members of the Commission, including […]

Documentary Editors Request Changes to Proposed NHPRC Grant Programs

The Association for Documentary Editing has made the following suggestions for changes to the proposed grant programs of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission: The ADE asks that editorial projects and projects which are based on the publication of digital surrogates (without the attributes that define an edition) be […]

Call for Comments on Proposed Changes to NHPRC Grants

The Federal Policy Committee of the ADE, co-chaired by Charlene Bickford, Mary Jo Binker, and Christopher Brick, is collecting comments and information about the potential impact of the proposed changes to application categories and deadlines for National Historical Publications and Records Commission grants. Particularly if you have an edition that […]

We Are Not Alone

Documentary editors may not have as direct a presence on cable TV as historical archaeologists, but we can see a lot of ourselves in a recent posting by Paul Mullins, the president of the Society for Historical Archaeology. With some substitution of terms, he’s talking about us: “We live in […]