Job: Web-based Interactive Visualization Interface Developer

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Are you a clever and resourceful programmer with experience in developing web-based interactive visualizations? Do you want to join a team that’s building innovative interfaces for exploring and better understanding large text collections? We’re looking for a genius, we hope you’re looking for us.

Who: This is a collaboration between three large Canadian digital humanities projects: “Text Mining & Visualization for Literary History”, “Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory” and the “Implementing New Knowledge Environments”. You will be working under the primary supervision of Stéfan Sinclair.

What: Develop a custom web-based network visualization interface using HTML5 (not Flash nor a Java applet) to explore large and complex XML-encoded texts and RDF datasets. We have working prototypes that are not web-based, and the work will primarily involve re-implementing those prototypes and tweaking their functionality.

Where: The internets, though preference may be given to developers able to spend some time at one of the institutions of the projects, and in particular McGill University, University of Alberta or the University of Guelph.

When: ASAP. The first visualization interface will be developed this fall (2013) with further projects likely to follow.

Why: Because you’re creative, you like a good challenge and you want to contribute to significant work in the digital humanities.

If you’re interested, please contact Stéfan Sinclair (sgsinclair at gmail dot com) as soon as possible. This job will remain open until it is filled. Candidates should have a portfolio of relevant work. Pay will be negotiated based on experience. We’re more interested in relevant experience and diversity in the team than in degrees.