Nominations Still Being Accepted!

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Q. What is the best way to avoid being tapped for an ADE office?
A. Nominate somebody else!

We need your ideas and suggestions to fill four offices. Please suggest your friends, your co-workers, the editors you look up to, or the fresh faces of energized new editors. You can even nominate yourself, but only if you think you’ll do a good job!

The process for nominations this year is simple– we have online forms for each open position. Click on the form for a description of the office and answer a few simple questions. The Nominating Committee will look over all the nominations once the deadline, March 1, has come. We may contact you for additional information, but your name will remain confidential.

The nomination forms can be accessed at the links below. If you’d rather e-mail your suggestions to me or any of the other committee members, feel free.


You can nominate as many people as you like, for as many offices as you like. Our suggestion box thanks you!