2014 Workshop Description

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The 2014 ADE Career Skills Workshop on Project Management is a confidence building, career enhancing exercise that teaches the language, tools, and practices of project management and shows how they can be applied across the broad spectrum of responsibilities faced by documentary editing professionals. Participants will learn constructive approaches to running a project, including setting goals, streamlining workflow, evaluating progress, fostering engagement, and encouraging innovation. By mastering the methods of project management, participants will not only improve the operation of their projects but also gain a skill set for self improvement. The workshop teaches project management skills using interactive “real project” scenarios brought to the workshop by the participants, allowing them to learn the tools and practices of the discipline while advancing their own projects.

What will you gain from this workshop? It will prepare you to:

  • Create the fundamental documents of a well run project—project charter, project objectives, stakeholder/responsibility list, scope document, change management plan, project schedule, and project plan.
  • Engage with project stakeholders to build support, cooperation, and participation.
  • Streamline project processes by conducting a risk assessment and developing a risk management plan.
  • Foster communication and accountability across project, institutional, and external boundaries.
  • Develop realistic options for project progress when faced with budgetary, institutional, or leadership constraints.
  • Improve the environment for project success by enhancing institutional culture and practices through constructive engagement.
  • Create a track record of project success that will increase personal confidence and professional opportunities.
  • Take a thoughtful and proactive approach to all you do.

What do you need to bring to the workshop?

  • A one-page description of an actual project that is already in progress or will be soon.
  • Knowledge of the institutional and professional work environment.

For further information, please email Bob Karachuk, Education Director, Association for Documentary Editing, at ade-educationdir@documentaryediting.org.

The 2014 ADE Career Skills Workshop on Project Management is funded in part by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), an affiliate of the National Archives.

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