Guide: Liaison Committee

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2010-2011 Edition

Note Bene: Per Council decision, 22 October 2008, this Guide is meant to be a “living document” and must be maintained in a Word format to facilitate revision. Please feel free to revise as needed, adding your initials in parenthesis after revision, thus enabling follow-up questions, if necessary. At the end of your term, please forward a copy of this Guide to the ADE secretary for archiving. The ADE secretary will distribute the appropriate Guide to the incoming liaisons, as well as forwarding copies of all Guides to the ADE President.

Purpose: The ADE has established liaisons to facilitate communication with other professional organizations with related interests.

Structure: The Liaison Committee consists of a coordinator and a number of liaisons, each assigned to one or more organizations of which the liaison is also a member.

Current Members: liaisons representing 36 associations (2/2011)

Coordinator: Martha King (Papers of Thomas Jefferson), Southern Association for Women Historians
Mark Ashurst-McGee (Joseph Smith Papers), Mormon History Association
Charlene Bickford (First Federal Congress Project) Society for History in the Federal Government
Jane Calvert (Writings of John Dickinson), Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Carol DeBoer-Langworthy (Neith Boyce), Modern Language Association
Eef Dijkhof (Institute of Netherlands History)
Elizabeth Dow, Society for American Archivists, Society of Southwest Archivists, Vermont Historical Society
Carol Ebel (Papers of George Washington), OIEAHC
Candace Falk (Emma Goldman Papers)
John Fierst , (John Tanner Project) American Historical Association
Sam Fore (Lee Family Digital Archive), Manuscript Society
Frances Huessy, Vermont Humanities Council
Paul Israel (Thomas A. Edison Papers), Society for the History of Technology
Bob Karachuk (Adams Papers), Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, Louisiana Historical Association
Beth Luey (Louisa Catherine Adams Diary), Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing
John Marszalek (Ulysses S. Grant Papers), U.S. Grant Association, Society of Civil War Historians, Southern Historical Association
Sara Martin (Adams Papers), National Council on Public History
Wesley Mott (Thoreau Edition), Louisa May Alcott Society, Ralph Waldo Emerson Society
Audrey Pinto, Society for Textual Scholarship
Susan Powers, American Library Association
Ken Price (Walt Whitman Archive) American Literature Association
Lance Schachterle (James Fenimore Cooper Edition), James Fenimore Cooper Society
Connie Schulz (Pinckney-Horry Edition), Organization of American Historians, British Nineteenth-Century Historians
Sara Sikes (Adams Papers), New England American Studies Association
Rod Speer (Richard Caswell Papers), Byron Society of America
Jennifer Steenshorne (John Jay Papers), History of Science Society, Society of Early Americanists,
American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Michael Winship (University of Texas), Bibliographical Society of America

Liaisons are responsible for facilitating communication with other professional organizations with related interests and with any of their members whose interests could be served by a closer relationship with ADE.

Duties of a Liaison:

1) Analyze the communicating organization and determine how it intersects with the ADE’s mission and what opportunities it might offer for cooperation. Survey the organization’s Web site or materials and try to answer the following questions:

    What is the URL of the organization’s Web site?
    Who is the current officer or contact person?
    What are the dates and locations of annual meetings, conferences, etc. sponsored by the organization that may be of interest to the ADE?
    Is there an annual meeting program with advertisements? If so, what are the deadlines and advertising rates?
    Are there any grants, awards, fellowship opportunities, webinars offered that may be of interest to ADE members?
    Can you write a few sentences or a brief paragraph about the organization that would explain it to ADE members? (See Ken and Lance’s descriptions of the ALA for a good example):

2) Inquire if the communicating organization will put a link to the ADE on its Web site and/or will include information about the ADE annual meeting, prizes, etc. in any of its newsletters, directories, or communications with members. Inquire if ADE membership brochures may be left at the registration desk of the organization’s annual meeting (if so, how many requested and when needed?)

3) Identify members of the communicating organization who might be interested in the work of the ADE and in joining our membership. Provide their contact information to Liaison coordinator.

4) Subscribe to the communicating organization’s listserv, journal, newsletter, blogs and forward any information that might be of interest to the ADE Liaison coordinator on a quarterly basis (so that this information can be disseminated in the ADE’s e-newsletter). Review the program for the organization’s annual meeting and forward to the coordinator information on any sessions or panels that may be of special interest to ADE members.

5) Relay information about the ADE’s activities as directed by the ADE Liaison Coordinator to the contact person in the communicating organization (this could include CFPs, annual meeting notices, award announcements, etc.).
Thanks very much for your help in this. We will be updating the ADE Web site with current liaison information so we rely on all of you for its success.

If you can provide answers to question 1 above at your earliest convenience but by SEPTEMBER 1, 2010, that would be terrific. So many of you have done this–thanks! If you still haven’t, please send your information along as soon as you can. I am compiling all this and am working with ADE Secretary Jennifer Stertzer to add it to our ADE Web site.

Let’s now work on question 2 and 4 in the coming year. Please update me on your progress in these areas by JANUARY 31, 2011.
I welcome any additional information that you may have as well as answers to any of the other items above at any time. I will send out quarterly reminders so we can all try to get the word out about the ADE and encourage others to join us.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and thanks again for your dedication and cooperation.

Martha King
( or 609-258-5091)