2015 ADE Career Skills Workshop on Social Media

Slider-social-mediaThe Association for Documentary Editing will host a Career Skills Workshop on Social Media on Wednesday, 17 June 2015, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 1040 P Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. Registration is now open. The workshop is offered in conjunction with the ADE’s 37th Annual Meeting, a joint conference with the Society for Textual Scholarship, which will be held 17–20 June at the same venue.

The 2015 ADE Career Skills Workshop on Social Media is intended to provide established or rising documentary editors with intensive training in using social media to promote an editing project. Documentary editors are essentially small business people who need to attract attention to their product to ensure that potential consumers know about it, whether their target market consists of scholars, teachers, researchers, students, or ordinary curious-minded people. Instruction will cover the range of social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Slideshare, YouTube—comparing their strengths and weaknesses:

  • What purpose does each serve?
  • How does each function?
  • What audience does each reach?
  • What kind of information (content and format) does each best convey?
  • What level of technological aptitude is necessary to master each?
  • What kind of ongoing time commitment does each require?
  • What strategies produce the most effective results from each?

The premise of the workshop is that participants will not be familiar with the use of social media as a promotional tool, either in theory or in practice. The goal of the workshop is to inform documentary editors how to use social media to raise the profiles of their projects.

The instructor of the workshop will be Ali Schwanke, an independent marketing consultant and strategist with extensive experience in online marketing. Before setting up her own agency, Schwanke was a senior marketing consultant with Pickering Creative Group (now UNANIMOUS) and, prior to that, director of marketing and product development with Leadership Resources. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including higher education and nonprofit. Schwanke has long been active in the leadership of the Lincoln Chapter of the American Marketing Association, including serving as president. She was recognized by the Lincoln AMA as Marketer of the Year in 2010.

Participation in the workshop is limited to 20 people, with enrollment on a first-come, first-served basis. Admission costs $30, which is due at the time of registration and is nonrefundable.

Registration for the Career Skills Workshop is separate from registration for the annual meeting. To register for the workshop, visit the ADE website at 2015 Workshop Registration.

The ADE has hosted career skills workshops in conjunction with its annual meeting since 2011. The workshops provide opportunities for experienced documentary editors to receive targeted training sure to enhance their professional abilities. They are funded in part by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), an affiliate of the National Archives.

For more information, visit the ADE website at 2015 Workshop Description or e‑mail Bob Karachuk, ADE Education Director, at ade‑educationdir@documentaryediting.org.

(Banner courtesy of Ali Schwanke, Marketing Consultant & Strategist, Lincoln, NE,  www.alischwanke.com.)

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Editing Institute Announces Graduation Speaker for 2015

The Association for Documentary Editing announces the graduation speaker for the 44th Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents to be held 13–17 June 2015 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The graduation speaker will be Beth Luey.

Beth Luey was Education Director of the Association for Documentary Editing from 2011 to 2013. She holds a B.A. from Radcliffe and an M.A. from Harvard. At Arizona State University from 1980 until her retirement in 2006, Luey was the Founding Director of ASU’s Scholarly Publishing Program. At the Massachusetts Historical Society from 2008 to 2012, Luey helped to edit the two-volume Diary and Autobiographical Writings of Louisa Catherine Adams. Luey is the author of numerous books, including Handbook for Academic Authors, Revising Your Dissertation, Expanding the American Mind, and Editing Documents and Texts. She is now working on a local history book exploring the meaning of house and home. Luey served as ADE President from 2002 to 2003.

Luey will also join the resident faculty of the Editing Institute for the final day’s activities, a session on the funding of documentary editions and the future of documentary editing. The resident faculty will include Cathy Moran Hajo, Ondine Le Blanc, and Jennifer Stertzer, and Bob Karachuk.

The Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents is administered by the Association for Documentary Editing under a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), an affiliate of the National Archives.

For more on the Editing Institute, please visit the ADE website at <http://www.documentaryediting.org/wordpress/?page_id=79> or e-mail Bob Karachuk, ADE Education Director, at <ade-educationdir@documentaryediting.org>.

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ADE STS 2015 Registration and Program

We are pleased to announce that we have opened registration for the
Association for Documentary Editing and Society for Textual
Scholarship 2015 Joint Conference, “Convergences and Divergences,” to
be held in Lincoln, Nebraska, from June 17-20, 2015. Links to
registration, lodging, program, and other information can be found at

The conference formally opens with the keynote by Jerome McGann at 4PM
on June 17 and is followed by two days of papers from an international
group of textual scholars. Other special highlights include a plenary
panel reflecting on the history and futures of both the ADE and the
STS; talks and a reception in the Sheldon Museum of Art featuring the
presidents of both organizations; a breakfast presentation by the
Peabody award-winning documentary filmmaker Christine Lesiak; and a
closing banquet featuring the annual awards of both the ADE and the

To look at the complete draft program and complete the registration
process, please go to http://adests2015.unl.edu/. The deadline for
registration is June 8, but early registration is appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you in Lincoln this June.

Amanda Gailey, Andy Jewell, Elizabeth Lorang, and Kenneth Price
2015 ADE STS Conference Organizing Committee

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2015 Lyman H. Butterfield Award Nominations

The Lyman H. Butterfield Award committee solicits nominations for a recipient of the award in 2015. This award is presented annually by the Association for Documentary Editing to an individual, editorial project, or institution for notable contributions in the areas of documentary publication, teaching, or service. A list of past recipients of this award can be seen here.

Nominations should be made by letter. Supporting letters from members of the Association are encouraged. All materials should reach the committee chair by 15 May 2015, sent either by e-mail or by post.

Send to:

Elaine Weber Pascu, Ph.D.
267 Hamilton Ave.
Princeton, NJ 08540


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Sabra Statham

Sabra Statham, the ADE Liaison Coordinator passed away on March 20, 2015.

Sabra had many colleagues in diverse fields: music performance, music history, documentary editing, and libraries.

There is a formal obituary that ran in the State College Centre Daily Times and the Charlottesville Daily Progress:


Dan Cohen of the Digital Public Library of America provided a brief tribute.


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Editing Institute Announces Participants for 2015

The Association for Documentary Editing announces the roster of participants for the 2015 Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents to be held 13–17 June in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The participants will include:

Diane Biunno (Project Associate, Historic Images, New Technologies (HINT), Historical Society of Pennsylvania)

Mark R. Cheathem (Associate Professor of History, The Papers of Martin Van Buren, Cumberland University)

Kerry A. Dahm (Editorial and Research Assistant, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series, Thomas Jefferson Foundation)

Lucinda L. Damon-Bach (Professor of English, The Letters of Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Salem State University)

Andrew J. B. Fagal (Assistant Editor, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Princeton University)

Tobah M. Gass (Independent Scholar of Ecology/Environmental History, Florence Merriam Bailey: The New Mexico Journals)

Bryan Grove (Assistant Editor, Hemingway Letters Project, Pennsylvania State University)

David W. Grua (Historian and Documentary Editor, The Joseph Smith Papers, Church History Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Robb K. Haberman (Associate Editor, The Selected Papers of John Jay, Columbia University)

Melinda Marie Jetté (Associate Professor of History, Pierre Charles Fournier de Saint-Amant’s Voyages en Californie et dans l’Orégon, Franklin Pierce University)

Mitch Kachun (Professor of History, The World of Col. J. O. Midnight: An Overlooked African American Journalist in the Era of the “New Negro,” Western Michigan University)

Patricia Larson Kalayjian (Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, The Letters of Catharine Maria Sedgwick, California State University Dominguez Hills)

Rachel M. A. Manuszak (Graduate Student Research Intern, Lone Woman and the Last Indians Digital Archive, Center for Digital Humanities, University of South Carolina)

Aaron McArthur (Assistant Professor of History and Public History Program Director, Missions to the Lamanites, Arkansas Tech University)

Christopher M. Parsons (Assistant Professor of History, The Jesuit Relations: A Digital Edition, Northeastern University)

Pamela Pierce (Digital Library Coordinator and Archivist, Theodore Roosevelt Center Digital Library, Dickinson State University)

Marc Rice (Professor of Musicology, Race, Music, and the Press: Black Music in the Midwest Media, 1865–1938, Truman State University)

Nicole M. Robinson (Ph.D. Candidate in Historical Musicology, Amy Beach’s Cabildo: An American Opera, Florida State University)

Safa Saraçoğlu (Associate Professor of History, Editing Düstur: A Crucial Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Legal Codex, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania)

Sandra L. Standish (Access Services Supervisor / M.A. Student in History, Angie Bingham Gilbert: A Life in Two Cities, Central Michigan University)

The Editing Institute Admissions Committee for 2015 consisted of Bob Karachuk, the current ADE education director; Beth Luey, the immediate past ADE education director; and Neal E. Millikan, assistant editor of the Papers of George Washington at Mount Vernon and the University of Virginia.

The Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents is administered by the ADE under a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), an affiliate of the National Archives.

For more on the Editing Institute, please visit the ADE website at Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents or e-mail Bob Karachuk, ADE Education Director, at ade‑educationdir@documentaryediting.org.

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Job Announcement: Two Research Specialists, Papers of Abraham Lincoln

Two Research Specialists, Papers of Abraham Lincoln

The University of Illinois Springfield, Center for State Policy and Leadership is seeking two Research Specialists for the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, a long-term documentary editing project dedicated to locating, imaging, transcribing, annotating, and publishing all documents written by or to Abraham Lincoln during his entire lifetime.

The first position will locate and scan documents at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. The research specialist will also create document tracking spreadsheets, make revisions in an online content management system, and do other research tasks related to the search for Lincoln documents at the National Archives.

The second position will mark up and apply subject headings to transcribed documents for inclusion in an online edition of Lincoln’s papers and conduct historical research to contextualize and annotate the documents at the project’s offices in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

Requirements: 1) Bachelor of Arts/Science degree in History, Political Science, English, or related field with five years relevant work experience OR Master of Arts degree in History, Political Science, English or related field with one year relevant work experience; 2) substantive content experience in nineteenth-century American history; 3) strong oral and written communication skills; and 4) a working knowledge of computers, including word processing, database, and email programs.

Preference will be given to applicants with experience performing historical research; demonstrated ability to work effectively on group tasks; demonstrated attention to detail and precision in research, reading, and writing; and experience in utilizing electronic databases and the Internet for historical research.

For consideration, candidates will need to work through the Hire Touch process of the University (https://jobs.uis.edu/job-board), create or update a profile, and submit a cover letter explaining your interest and qualifications relative to this position; a resume; and, names and contact information (phone and email address) for three current professional references. To be considered for both positions, candidates will need to submit separate applications under each position.  The Search Committee will begin screening applications March 27, 2015, and the search will continue until the position is filled. The anticipated start date for the position is May 11, 2015.

The University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) is one of three campuses of the University of Illinois and provides an intellectually rich, collaborative, and intimate learning environment for students, faculty, and staff, while serving local, regional, state, national, and international communities. UIS is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer with a strong institutional commitment to recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive campus community. Persons with disabilities, women, and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Daniel W. Stowell, Director/Editor
Papers of Abraham Lincoln
Website: www.papersofabrahamlincoln.org

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Job Announcement: Chief Historian, U.S. Census Bureau

Chief Historian, U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau — the nation’s leading source of quality information about America’s people, places and economy — is seeking a chief historian. The chief historian will manage a team of other historians in documenting major changes to the nation’s next census and preparing procedural histories of other Census Bureau programs. The chief historian will also lead the sharing of the agency’s history with the public and the care and exhibition of the agency’s historical artifacts.

Required: U.S. citizenship, degree in History or a related field

Preferred: Experience conducting and publishing procedural histories, monograph histories and oral histories for an organization

To apply and for more information, please visit the following vacancy announcements:

PIO-2015-0002 (Merit Promotion)

PIO-2015-0003 (Delegated Examining)

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Call for Nominations: ADE President & Councilor-at-Large

The Nominating Committee invites the submission of names for two important offices of the Association for Documentary Editing: President and Councilor-at-Large. Names of potential candidates and rationales for their nomination should be submitted to the committee chair, Carol DeBoer-Langworthy, by 30 March.

The President serves for one year as President-Elect, during which time he or she works with the current President and immediate Past President while also serving as chair of the Program Committee for that year’s annual meeting. During the subsequent one-year presidential term, he or she works with the ADE Council to effect the organization’s goals and implement its long-range plan, communicates with members through email, the website and Scholarly Editing, assigns tasks to committees, and appoints or confirms committee chairs and members. He or she maintains contact with these committees to ensure that the goals set for them are met in a timely manner and represents the ADE in dealing with outside individuals and organizations. At the annual meeting at the end of his/her term, the president presides over the Council meetings, the Business meeting, and presents a speech at the Banquet. The candidate should be an experienced editor capable of managing these tasks in addition to his or her own work and personal responsibilities.

A Councilor-at-Large serves for three years as one of three such persons with flexible advisory duties depending on the President’s and Council’s needs. Accordingly, as stated in the organization’s bylaws, “The councilor often provides institutional memory to Council proceedings; occasionally serves as a devil’s advocate to ensure that all ADE’s constituents are represented; offers feedback and votes on issues and topics under consideration; provides suggestions for new members, committee members, and potential award recipients; reviews budgets, committee reports, and official contracts or endorsements that involve the ADE. The councilor-at-large tries to be sure the Association’s best interests and the priorities of the long-range plan are at all times well represented.” Candidates may have held previous posts with the organization or be relative newcomers to ADE.

Please send queries and letters of nomination to CDBL@Brown.edu by 30 March 2015.

Carol DeBoer-Langworthy

Chair, ADE Nominating Committee

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Series Editor, Adams Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society

Series Editor, Adams Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society

The Adams Papers documentary editing project at the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston seeks a series editor for the Adams Family Correspondence. Since its establishment in 1954, the Adams Papers has published 48 volumes of the diaries, letters, and other writings of the Adams family of Massachusetts; currently we publish two series, Adams Family Correspondence and the Papers of John Adams. Volume 12 of the Adams Family Correspondence will be published in the spring of 2015. This full-time position, which results from the promotion of the former series editor, will include a transitional period during the production of volume 13 of Adams Family Correspondence.

Work on the Adams Papers provides a unique opportunity to explore the fields of late eighteenth-century and early nineteenth-century history through the correspondence and writings of one of America’s first families. The series editor’s responsibilities will include selection and tandem proofreading of documents for publication, research and drafting of annotation, and taking the primary role in producing each volume’s Cindex-based index. The series editor will direct the work of at least one assistant or associate editor. The series editor reports to the editor in chief and cooperates in the management and promotion of the edition.

Required Qualifications: Demonstrated knowledge of the history of the Early Republic; experience in the field of documentary editing; graduate degree in history, American studies, or related field; excellent research and writing skills; strong project and people management skills; ability to work collaboratively inside an organization.

Preferred Qualifications: Ph.D. in history, American studies, or a related field; familiarity with book production.

Applications, including a cover letter, resume, and the names of three references will be accepted by email (send to: saram[at]masshist[dot]org). Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. For further information, please contact Sara Martin, Editor in Chief, Adams Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society, 617-646-0525 or saram[at]masshist[dot]org.

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