Projects and Project Summaries from 2015

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Projects and Project Summaries from the 2015 Editing Institute

Amy Beach’s Cabildo: An American Opera
Florida State University
Nicole Robinson
The goal of this project is to create a critically-informed performing edition of Cabildo, the only opera of the eminent American Romantic composer Amy Beach, in order to bring attention to her music, but also to contribute to the discussion of the style of American nationalism in music during the long nineteenth century.

Editing Düstur: A Crucial Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Legal Codex
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Safa Saraçoğlu
The project will focus on transliterating and translating key nineteenth-century legal codices of the Ottoman Empire from Ottoman Turkish to English. The results, which will be shared through the website of the Center for Collaborative Research in Ottoman Socio‐Legal Studies, will constitute the most comprehensive collection Islamic/Ottoman law in the 19th century in English, contributing significantly to our understanding of the transformation of Islamic law.

Angie Bingham Gilbert: A Life in Two Cities
Central Michigan University
Sandra Standish
This project aims to transcribe, edit, and publish the correspondence of Angie Bingham Gilbert (1830-1910) who grew up in a missionary family, on the Michigan frontier, and whose life spanned the development of two Michigan cities, Sault Ste. Marie and Grand Rapids. Her experiences provide a gendered lens through which to view missionary movements, frontier development, and the changing roles of increasingly mobile, educated and independent women from the Jacksonian era to the Gilded Age.

Hemingway Letters Project
Pennsylvania State University
Hemingway Letters
The Hemingway Letters Project is producing a comprehensive scholarly edition of the author’s some 6,000 letters, approximately 85 percent of them never before published. The edition is being published by Cambridge University Press in a projected seventeen volumes. The project is authorized by the Ernest Hemingway Foundation/Society and the Hemingway Foreign Rights Trust, holders, respectively, of the U.S. and international rights to the letters.

Historic Images, New Technologies (HINT)
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The HINT project, funded by the NHPRC’s Innovation in Archives and Documentary Editing Program, aims to enhance the description and discovery of archival graphics and to promote the linking and sharing of data between scholars, institutions, and the greater digital community. The project will digitize, TEI encode, research, and annotate political cartoons for a curated digital exhibit using a new image viewer that allows us to encode and annotate TEI zones directly on images.

The Selected Papers of John Jay
Columbia University
Jay Papers
The Selected Papers of John Jay is a seven-volume scholarly edition of John Jay’s correspondence and writings that consists of a wide-ranging selection of the most significant and interesting public and private documents and letters, written or received by Jay. The publication of the project will also serve as a guide to the Papers of John Jay digital archive.

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson
Princeton University
Jefferson Papers
The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, main series, currently has 41 published volumes with the goal to print all correspondence and related documents sent to, and from, Thomas Jefferson. We are currently working on correspondence in the first half of 1804, which includes such subjects as the implementation of the Louisiana Purchase, tensions with France over American trade with Saint Domingue, as well as the daily management of Jefferson’s household.

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series
Thomas Jefferson Foundation
Jefferson Papers: Retirement
The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series is documenting Jefferson’s written legacy between his return to private life on 4 March 1809 and his death on 4 July 1826. During his retirement, Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, sold his library to the nation, and corresponded with statesmen, scientists, inventors, philosophers, and ordinary citizens on a wide range of subjects.

The Jesuit Relations: A Digital Edition
Northeastern University
Christopher Parsons
The Jesuit Relations: A Digital Edition will mount a digitized, transcribed and translated edition of the annual relations of the Society of Jesus’ mission to North America published in forty volumes between 1632 and 1672. In addition to a new, open-access edition for educators and researchers, this text-encoded edition will also open these premier sources for analysis of early American and Native history to computational analysis and tools from the digital humanities.

Missions to the Lamanites
Arkansas Tech University
Aaron McArthur
The LDS (Mormon) Church established six missions to Native Americans (whom they called Lamanites) in 1855. Each has a written history that needs to be transcribed, edited, and published, as there has been very little written on these missions.

Lone Woman and the Last Indians Digital Archive
Center for Digital Humanities, University of South Carolina
Lone Woman
This digital archive collects, transcribes, annotates, and maps more than 300 nineteenth- and twentieth-century documents relevant to the story of the so-called Lone Woman. The story of the Lone Woman, widely known in the nineteenth century, is perhaps best remembered today in the version Scott O’Dell fictionalized in his 1960 children’s novel, Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Florence Merriam Bailey: The New Mexico Journals
Independent Scholar
Tobah Gass
Publication of a scholarly edition of Florence Merriam Bailey’s New Mexico field journals will provide researchers with new insights into the environment, climate and culture of the American Southwest during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Florence Merriam Bailey was an accomplished naturalist and ornithologist and a member of a family that has profoundly influenced American environmental policy for over a century.

The World of Col. J. O. Midnight: An Overlooked African American Journalist in the Era of the “New Negro”
Western Michigan University
Mitch Kachun
I will produce an edited volume of selected newspaper columns by African American journalist Charles Stewart (1867-1925), who published over one thousand columns based on his almost constant travels across the United States between 1901 and 1925. Mostly written under the pseudonym “Col. J. O. Midnight,” Stewart’s understudied writings provide unique insight into the lives of black communities and offer distinctive perspectives on national issues during an era of profound transformation for African Americans.

Race, Music, and the Press: Black Music in the Midwest Media, 1865–1938
Truman State University
Marc Rice
The project outcome will be a book presenting materials that I have gathered from historical newspapers pertaining to the history of African American music from this time period. These materials include news articles, reviews, editorials, and advertisements. Each piece will be introduced with analytical commentary that will place it within its cultural and historical context.

Theodore Roosevelt Center Digital Library
Dickinson State University
Roosevelt Library
The mission of the Theodore Roosevelt Center is to preserve and interpret the life and legacy of the 26th president of the United States. The core of our work is to create a digital library of all Roosevelt-related items, to make his legacy more readily accessible to scholars and schoolchildren, enthusiasts and interested citizens. Items in the digital library include correspondence to and from Roosevelt, diary entries, political cartoons, scrapbooks, newspaper columns and magazine articles.

The Letters of Catharine Maria Sedgwick
Salem State University and California State University Dominguez Hills
Lucinda Damon-Bach or Patricia Kalayjian
To find, catalog, transcribe, digitize, and publish (selectively with annotations) the correspondence of Catharine Maria Sedgwick (1789–1867), a nationally and internationally recognized author during the nineteenth century whose works have been reintroduced into the American literary canon since 1987. This project will contribute to the ongoing revision of American literary history, and will aid scholars working on Sedgwick as well as those investigating topics as wide-ranging as 19th-century travel or women in reform movements or transatlantic correspondence.

The Joseph Smith Papers
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Smith Papers
The Joseph Smith Papers is an NHPRC-endorsed documentary-editing project dedicated to publishing complete and accurate transcripts of all extant documents created or owned by Joseph Smith, the founding prophet and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Project adheres to rigorous and established scholarly standards to provide both textual and contextual annotations.

The Papers of Martin Van Buren
Cumberland University
Mark Cheathem
The Papers of Martin Van Buren project seeks to produce one print volume of the eighth president’s most important papers and an accompanying website with additional papers, digitized and annotated.

Pierre Charles Fournier de Saint-Amant’s Voyages en Californie et dans l’Orégon
Franklin Pierce University
Melinda Jetté
Melinda Marie Jetté and Elizabeth Van Allen are producing an authoritative English translation of Pierre Charles Fournier de Saint-Amant’s Voyages en Californie et dans l’Orégon (1854). In addition to the first comprehensive English translation of Saint-Amant’s travel memoir, the print edition will feature annotations and an introduction that contextualizes Saint-Amant, his mission for the Second French Republic, the state of French affairs at home and abroad, and the global dimensions of the California Gold Rush.

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