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The committee is responsible for selecting the recipient of the Boydston Essay Prize, established in 1995 by Jo Ann Boydston to honor the best essay or review published anywhere during the previous two years , the primary focus of which is the editing of a volume of works or documents.

Jo Ann Boydston was an internationally renowned expert on American philosopher John Dewey. She acted as the longtime director of SIUC’s Center for Dewey Studies, where she directed the publication of thirty-seven volumes containing all of Dewey’s major philosophical pieces. “The Collected Works of John Dewey,” produced at the rate of more than one volume each year, was the first such collection of writings by a classical American philosopher to apply the methodology of modern textual scholarship. It was also and one of the first projects to receive funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to overseeing the publication of the definitive edition of Dewey’s papers, Boydston created a guide to Dewey’s work, a record of its translations, a list of the contents of his personal and professional libraries, and a collection of his poems. She served as president of the ADE in 1984-85.

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The Association for Documentary Editing is seeking nominations for the Boydston Essay Prize, to be awarded at the ADE’s annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, in August 2016. The Jo Ann Boydston Prize was created in 1995 by a distinguished member of ADE to honor the best essay or review published during the previous two years, the primary focus of which is the editing of a volume of works or documents. The award carries a cash honorarium of $300. Eligible essays may have been published in digital or print journals, monographs, and collections, and the competition will consider essays dating from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2015. Self-nominations are welcome.

Nominations are due by 1 January 2016.

ADE members are encouraged to  submit nominations and citations in the body of an e-mail and attach essays or reviews to be considered in MS Word. Nominations or questions should be addressed to Helen R. Deese, the committee chair.

Helen Deese


Helen Deese, chair

Current Charge

The Boydston Prize committee will select a winner.


The Committee consults by mail, telephone and e-mail.

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