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Committees have been established by the ADE Council and President both to accomplish specific goals and undertake long-term planning on issues of interest to the association. With the exception of the Nominating Committee, members and chairs are appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Council directly after the Annual Meeting.

Committee members must be ADE members in good standing, and the association discourages committees from having more than one member from the same project or institution (an exception to this policy is the Local Arrangements Committee). The president serves as ex officio a member of all committees except the nominating committee.

Committees for 2015-2016 are:

Boyd Award Committee, Gary Moulton, chair
Boydston Award Committee, Helen Deese, chair
Butterfield Award Committee, Esther Katz, chair
Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Thomas Mason, chair
Federal Policy Committee, Charlene Bickford, chair, Mary Jo Binker and Christopher Brick, co-chairs.
Finance Committee, Ondine LeBlanc, chair
Liaison Committee, Anthony Curtis, coordinator
Local Arrangements Committee (2015), Andrew Jewell, chair
Meetings Committee, Mary Hackett, chair
Membership Committee, Sara Martin, chair
Nominating Committee, Tim Connelly, chair
Program Committee, Jennifer Stertzer, chair
Publications Committee, Andrew Jewell, chair
Website Committee, Erica Cavanaugh, chair

• Additional Committee information is available to members of the ADE – please visit the Member Gateway. To join the organization, click here. •