Nominating Committee

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The Nominating Committee submits candidates for ADE offices which are then voted upon by the membership. The five members of the nominating committee are themselves elected from candidates selected by the ADE Council or by petition.


Cathy Hajo, chair
Sherry Darling
John Lupton
David Nolen
Daniel Stowell

Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee of the Association for Documentary Editing (ADE) seeks advice, informal suggestions, and formal nominations of candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Treasurer, Director of Publications, and Councilor-at-Large.

President/President-Elect/Past President
The President serves for one year as President-Elect, during which time he or she works with the current President and immediate Past President while also serving as chair of the Program Committee for that year’s annual meeting. During the subsequent one-year presidential term, he or she works with the ADE Council to effect the organization’s goals and implement its long-range plan, communicates with members through email, the website and Scholarly Editing, assigns tasks to committees, and appoints or confirms committee chairs and members. He or she maintains contact with these committees to ensure that the goals set for them are met in a timely manner and represents the ADE in dealing with outside individuals and organizations. At the annual meeting at the end of his/her term, the president presides over the Council meetings, the Business meeting, and presents a speech at the Banquet. The candidate should be an experienced editor capable of managing these tasks in addition to his or her own work and personal responsibilities.

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the association. “The treasurer shall collect dues and maintain the association’s financial records and file any necessary forms with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.” (Bylaws, Section 5) He or she keeps the ADE’s checking and savings accounts, invests reserve funds, and oversees the Boyd and Boydston prize funds, and files tax paperwork. The treasurer “shall have the authority to sign checks or make cash deposits or withdrawals, in any of the accounts of the association.” (Bylaws, Section 5) The treasurer is a member of the ADE Council, taking part in major decisions and long range planning, and chairs the Finance Committee. He or she proposes budgets in consultation with the president and the action plan and may work on budgetary aspects of grant proposals. ADE’s financial data is stored using Quicken software. The treasurer serves one-year terms that can be renewed without limit (Constitution, Article IV, Section 3).

Director of Publications
The Director of Publications oversees the Publications Committee and is responsible for working with the editor of Scholarly Editing to ensure regular publication. The Publications Committee helps solicit content from members for the journal. The director is member of the Council, responsible for decision-making and long-term planning. The director of publications serves a one- year term but can serve “no more than three consecutive terms” (Constitution, Article IV, Section 3). The director of publications has authority to “grant permission to reprint materials published in Documentary Editing” and appoints “every two years, with the consent of the council, an individual to act as editor of Documentary Editing.” (Bylaws, Section 4)

A Councilor-at-Large serves for three years as one of three such persons with flexible advisory duties depending on the President’s and Council’s needs. Accordingly, as stated in the organization’s bylaws, “The councilor often provides institutional memory to Council proceedings; occasionally serves as a devil’s advocate to ensure that all ADE’s constituents are represented; offers feedback and votes on issues and topics under consideration; provides suggestions for new members, committee members, and potential award recipients; reviews budgets, committee reports, and official contracts or endorsements that involve the ADE. The councilor-at-large tries to be sure the Association’s best interests and the priorities of the long-range plan are at all times well represented.” Candidates may have held previous posts with the organization or be relative newcomers to ADE.

The deadline for suggestions or nominations is March 1, 2017.

Please send queries and letters of nomination to Cathy Moran Hajo via e-mail (


The Committee consults by mail, telephone and e-mail.